“Buy Land, they’re not making it anymore”
~ MarkTwain

So, how do you stay on top of the latest real estate news?

We have our own Real Estate podcast and YouTube channel where we present the newest trends and news customised specifically for you. On our exclusive podcasts and YouTube channel, you can find the most recent real estate news, views, and updates. We’ve compiled a list of our most recent podcasts and videos on the latest real estate trends and market conditions below. Please take a look at these.

The real estate industry is usually regarded as a microcosm of the entire economy. Following real estate news and trends can provide information on a variety of other aspects of our country’s economy, social progress, and residents’ well-being. When you look at the real estate industry as a whole, you’ll realise that there’s a lot of information that impacts your daily life.

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Lifetime Realty Company Vision and Core Values!

by Tommy Kim

Lifetime Realty is a unique Real Estate company. We believe the best way to grow wealth is through Real Estate. At Lifetime Realty, our agents are taught proven strategies to create success by working with Buyers, Sellers & Investors.

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$1.4+Billion in Sales as Principle Broker!

Tommy Kim & Cole Harvey - Author